5 typography trends in modern web design

With the rebirth of flat design and the popularity of minimalism, typography is taking a more central role in Web design. With more focus on letterform design than ever, there are some noticeable typographical trends emerging, such as: Extreme size (large and small) Superimposed on images Creative use of simple typefaces Custom typeface Artistic fonts […]

Email Design Trends for 2021

Personalization We are going to start with personalization, which was a massive trend last year. Nothing’s changed. According to Litmus, personalized emails get 122% more return. Therefore, create a fully tailored persona-centric user experience. Personalization in email requires several essential things. Good segmentation. Use of name in the content. Even if you create a flash sale or other […]

Digital marketing in 2021: What to look out for

While everything feels unusual at the moment, one thing in life can be certain – the world of digital marketing will continue to be fast moving. Given the pandemic has increased people’s focus on online tools and virtual interactions, ensuring digital marketing strategies are in check has arguably never been so important for brands. Digital can move […]

4 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch In 2021

No corner of the marketing world changes faster than digital marketing. As new technology arrives and old technology is grandfathered out, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new different trends in the industry. Digital marketing has proved itself to be unparalleled in its resilience over the past year: two-thirds of brands have […]